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International development

International Development in AsiaInternational Development in Asia



Any company knows that it has to invest on international markets.


Collaborating with 50 experts around the world, we help you increase your exportations or presence abroad:


  • To define the most appropriate strategy and markets to focus on
  • To confirm the market's potential
  • To finance your project
  • To check any entry barriers
  • To ensure your local business development
  • To find a distributor
  • To select a supplier
  • To find a partner
  • To provide your company with a local address 
  • To establish a business structure in a new market
  • To build a factory locally
  • To organize a group mission
  • To define a meeting schedule during a trade show
  • To represent your company during a trade show







Why should you do business with us?


  • We have many professional resources available to save time and money.
  • We have two offices, one in Montréal, one in Lyon (France)
  • Our fees are reasonable.
  • We have created several businesses over the past years, so we are entrepreneurs talking to entrepreneurs.