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To get a foorthold in North America

Today Canada is a very attractive entry gate to the whole North American market.


Because of:

  • economic growth,
  • abundance of capital available for interesting projects
  • lower operation costs than in the USA,
  • tax advantages for companies as well as entrepreneurs
  • efficient governmental entrepreneurship programs
  • interesting R&D tax credits
  • highly skilled manpower
  • light administrative constraints





To promote your success we offer a turnkey concept, including your projects' financing.


  • to confirm the market's potential 
  • to verify entry barriers
  • to ensure your business development in North America
  • to confirm the market’s interest and potential for your product
  • to find a distributor
  • to find a partner
  • to provide your company with an address
  • to establish a structure 
  • to organize a group mission
  • to define a meeting schedule 
  • to represent your company during a trade show